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Build New Cities. Maximize Human Prosperity.

Próspera is for builders, pioneers, and risk-takers who believe in the boundless potential of human achievement and choose to build the future we want.

Our platform powers the development of new cities in special economic zones that maximize generalized prosperity and wealth creation.

Thousands of members around the world (40+ countries).

Over $90 million dollars raised to accelerate development.

100+ companies and thousands employed through Próspera cities.

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Building new cities at scale requires a collective effort from bright minds and dedicated contributors around the world.

Próspera’s network is made up of talented entrepreneurs, real estate developers, investors, and a global community of builders demonstrating the strength of their values, talents, and ambitions.

Together we are building a new generation of cities that will drive human prosperity and create a truly vibrant future for humanity.

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In many legacy systems, poor governance and its cumulative effects trap human potential, leading to economic stagnation and lower optimism for the future.

Special economic zones, when crafted thoughtfully, can unleash human potential and compound economic benefits. This model has been deployed successfully in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

According to the Doing Business Index by the World Bank, increasing governance quality for less developed nations to match governance standards of G20 nations would result in an additional $100-200 Trillion in additional wealth creation each year.

Dubai 1970

Dubai now

Hong Kong 1967

Hong Kong now

Shenzhen 1964

Shenzhen now

Singapore 1976

Singapore now

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