Legal Engineering Summit 2023: Bright Minds in Crypto and Law to Create Innovative Solutions for a Better Business Environment

April 3, 2023

Próspera, InfinitaVC, and LexDAO, are teaming up to host the upcoming Legal Engineering 2023 Summit. This event is specifically designed for legal hackers, crypto lawyers, jurisdictional polymaths, and businesses that want to create better laws to do business under.

“Legal innovation is normally a rare event, in Prospera the flexible legal framework allows continuous improvement. That’s unprecedented" said Niklas Anzinger of InfinitaVC. "The Summit is an invitation for legal innovators to build the guardrails for a flourishing crypto/web3 industry."

The Legal Engineering Summit is a deep work event, where attendees will have the opportunity to focus on their work in collaboration with other legal experts. The agenda has been designed with this in mind, but attendees are welcome to stay longer and enjoy the beautiful island of Roatan, where the event is being held.

"Próspera aims to be the best jurisdiction for the crypto/web3 industry in the world, and we welcome the best ideas on how to achieve that with a sound legal framework" said Chris Wilson of Próspera.

The Legal Engineering Summit will feature a contest for the best blockchain, digital assets, and distributed ledger legal proposals to make Próspera the most pro-innovation private international law jurisdiction in the world. The winners will be judged by Próspera General Counsel Nick Dranias and LexDAO's Kyle Smith, and three places will be awarded, with the first being $1,000 plus $500 in Próspera Tax Credits.

The Legal Engineering Summit is an important event at a time when some countries are being increasingly hostile to crypto. Próspera believes in a decentralized financial system based on crypto and blockchain technology is the correct goal and aims to build a safe harbor for innovations with responsible legal guardrails.

"We're excited to host this event and bring together legal experts from around the World to cross-pollinate the best solutions and work towards creating far better legal frameworks for innovation." said Kyle Smith of LexDAO. "Unencumbered by the uncertainty of prejudiced regulation-by-enforcement, we believe that holding the inaugural Legal Engineering Summit at Próspera will offer the Global legal engineering community the self-regulation opportunity we earnestly seek to express our better angels: successfully generating prosocial and improved productivity outcomes via vastly improving transactional costs and moving the industry-narrative forward in a ‘regenerative’ positive direction."

The Legal Engineering Summit will be held in Roatan, Honduras from May 9-12, 2023. Attendees can register here:

About Próspera:

Próspera is a governance platform that powers the development of new cities in special economic zones. Próspera’s pro-business framework and system of regulatory choice ensures that companies can operate under the most favorable regulatory conditions in the world. This platform empowers individuals and companies, leading to significant economic growth for businesses, residents, and host nations.

About Infinita:

Infinita is an early stage venture capital fund based in Próspera, investing in founders overcoming regulatory and doing-business obstacles through better legal systems. Infinita invested in biotechnology, hardware/robotics and fintech/crypto startups from Latin America and the US. Infinita was founded during the first "Build Próspera Summit" in April 2022, by former startup operator and entrepreneur from Germany, Niklas Anzinger.

About LexDAO:

LexDAO is a multi-jurisdictional non-profit business community of legal professionals, developers and enthusiasts who collaborate on various initiatives related to DAOs, legal engineering, smart contracts and more. We have developed several tools and resources to support the growth and development of the DAO ecosystem. Our community continues to spin off acclaimed mission-driven entities such as DAO or legal-wrapper summoner, LexClinic apprenticeshipDAO for law students, CougarDAO real-world-assets management and DAO Coalition legislation advocacy.

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