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Market-Driven City Development

Próspera believes that cities should neither be centrally planned nor emerge without order. Our legal system enables market forces, through entrepreneurial actors, to dynamically define the vision of our cities. Our phased approach to catalyzing cities of the future starts with masterplans that define the long term City Vision.

Masterplans are then fractionalized into districts, macro lots, and projects, enabling entrepreneurial builders to take these on as individual ventures. This approach maximizes development speed through collaboration with a diverse set of highly experienced and ambitious real estate developers.

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Próspera Cities start with Hubs

A Próspera Hub is the initial phase of a future city. To be considered a Hub, developments must target 10,000+ residents, cover at least 100 acres, and be planned for execution in 10 years or less. Hub designation accelerates investment and aggregates catalyst projects seeking to capture existing market opportunities in a proposed city.

Stages of Hub Activation


Driven by the City Vision and current market conditions, this stage is defined by identifying the type of projects that can be developed within the first 10 years. These are the Highest and Best Uses (HBU) for the city.


Once the HBU has been developed, it is distributed into marketable projects to maximally decentralize the buildout of the hub. The goal is to attract and integrate third party developers with interest in specific ventures.


While some projects can be done solely by third party developers, key catalyst projects in the early stages may require direct support from the Próspera team. Catalyst projects are vital to the success of the city in the long term, and we will work closely with the teams developing them.


Once sufficient catalyst projects are underway, the Próspera team will activate more third party developers. We’ll shift from execution to, providing support to our development partners by helping drive additional demand, access more and better financing, get connected with strategic partners and more.

Execution of Catalyst Projects

In Progress: St. John's Bay

Próspera's flagship city is located on the island of Roatan, 40 miles off the coast of Honduras. St. John's Bay is poised to become the new epicenter of economic growth in the Americas, attracting builders, businesses, and families alike. Its prime location offers residents access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean, including the world's second largest coral reef, as well as the added security of being outside the hurricane corridor. With its international airport and strong market trends, Roatan has a multinational presence, diversified community, and the highest foreign buyer presence in Honduras.

St. John's Bay is a carefully planned and integrated community, located in the heart of the island. With its phased districts, world-class architecture, and thoughtfully designed infrastructure, each development is a crucial piece of the master plan. Early developers have the opportunity to secure better pricing and expansion rights at preferred conditions.

Breathtaking Caribbean Landscapes


Air Passenger Growth


Projected residents by 2030

4M sqm total GFA planned.

Over 23K sqm already built.


Developer profits in current master plan

Cutting Edge Startups

Fractionalizing HBU Vision

In Planning: Satuye

The Port of Satuyé is a 396-acre industrial park and manufacturing hub situated in La Ceiba. It has a prime location along the main industrial corridor of Honduras, with connectivity to North, Central, and South American markets.

By reducing manufacturing and logistics costs, the port creates operational advantages. It also offers proximity to raw materials and a new power generation plant. With a masterplan that fits tenant needs and a strategic location, the Satuyé port project is set to become a key hub for trade and commerce in the western hemisphere.


Total investment projected over the next 10 years


Projected Workers & Residents

Close geographic proximity to major U.S. logistics ports

Bilingual Workforce


Honduras exports with clear nearshoring potential

396+ Acre Footprint

Pre-City Vision Stage

Pre-planning: Port Royal

Whether you're looking to build a resort, a commercial center, or a residential community, Port Royal offers builders a large role in shaping the vision of this site.

This strategically located greenfield provides a blank canvas for businesses and investors to create new projects and take advantage of Roatan’s growing tourism industry.

30 mins from St. John's Bay

Investment and Development Opportunity

500+  acres

Greenfield Site

Project Opportunities

Las Verandas Hotel Expansion

Expanding an operating high end beachside hotel with high occupancy rates. First stage will be a doubling of current capacity, followed by another increase that triples capacity from current key count.


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Pristine Heights

High end condo development targeting successful entrepreneurs who want to reside full time or have a beach condo within Prospera.


Construction Management
General Contractor
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One of the most innovative real estate development projects in the world seeking to integrate online configuration, digital manufacturing, circular economy.


Venture Capital Investments
Construction Management
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Duna Towers

Multi-phased, mixed-use development which has already delivered the tallest tower in Roatan and first residential units in Próspera.


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