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Network Opportunities

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Raise awareness through content, social media, referrals, or other communication formats.  If you’re looking for a way to contribute, this is a great place to start.

Community Projects

Próspera residents can create their own spaces here for tasks that support their existing business or for projects they want to explore building within Próspera.

New Opportunities

These are projects where needs exist, either business opportunities or public goods, but no one has built solutions yet. Submit a proposal through the relevant Open Task category.

Events & Visits

Próspera residents can submit aligned events or proposed visitor projects here. Project owners can then create bounties and source talent from the Próspera community.

Social Good Projects

At Próspera, we believe in social good efforts that create value. We call this concept value-for-value exchanges, where community members collaborate to enhance the commons.

Prospera Team Projects

The Próspera Team is working on these projects and welcomes input and assistance from the community to maximize the outcome.

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