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Próspera allows companies in traditionally regulated industries to choose the regulatory framework that best fits them, while ensuring that public health and safety are protected. This means that innovators can decide how prescriptive the regulatory environment is for their business. For those operating outside of traditionally regulated industries, Próspera offers unparalleled operational freedom.

Customizable Regulatory Framework for Traditionally Regulated Industries

Próspera offers reciprocal recognition for traditionally regulated industries in dozens of countries, enabling operation within Próspera as you would in any of those countries seamlessly. Get all the benefits of Próspera’s jurisdiction with the regulatory certainty of your choice.

Próspera’s revolutionary insurance model creates a globally competitive regulatory landscape. The first line of compliance in Próspera is handled by regulatory insurers. Because they have an economic stake in the cost and benefits of their actions, regulatory insurers seek to strike the perfect balance in oversight: excessive scrutiny is expensive, while insufficient oversight exposes them to increased liability risks.

We are the first system to reciprocally recognize all regulations in all traditionally regulated industries from Honduras, the US, and dozens of leading countries. And the regulations are enforced primarily by competitive private insurers rather than bureaucrats.

Take the regulations you’re familiar with, and offer proposals for improvement to Próspera’s governing council. If it’s approved by the council, this new regulatory framework will be among the menu of options available to any other firms operating in the same industry.

Traditionally regulated companies that do not to select a specific regulatory framework will operate by default under Próspera’s common law legal code with accountability enhancements.

They are subject to 3X damages, piercing the corporate veil for ownership and management to the extent of capital invested or the last year’s salary, and prohibitory and mandatory injunctive relief for any injuries. This is a sensible option for industries that are not characterized by significant risks of injury.

Competitive Taxes


Personal Income Tax

A 10% Personal Income Tax with 50% of income being deemed taxable (resulting in an effective 5% tax on gross income).


Business Income Tax

A 10% Business Income Tax with 10% of income being deemed taxable (resulting in an effective 1% tax on gross income).


Sales Tax

A 5% Value Added Tax with 50% of the final retail sales price being deemed value added (resulting in an effective 2.5% sales tax).


Land Value Tax

A 1% Land Value Tax on the fair market value of real estate (without considering improvements).


The Próspera Arbitration Center (PAC) offers high caliber arbitration services to resolve disputes. The PAC’s arbiters come predominantly from common law jurisdictions, including Australia, Europe, and the United States. Arbiters include a former U.S. high court justice, appellate and trial judges, experienced practitioners, and leading legal scholars. The PAC also has cross-coverage working agreements with other leading alternative dispute resolution service providers in various jurisdictions.

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