Próspera Launches City Builders Network to Help Create Next-Generation Cities

March 31, 2023

Governance and city-building are fundamental concepts that have shaped human civilization for centuries. However, the traditional models of civic engineering and public administration have remained largely unchanged over the years, despite significant advances in technology and social structures. A Gallup poll reported 81% of people in the world are dissatisfied with how their nation is governed. The need for a disruptive and modern approach to governance and city-building has never been more pressing, as people seek to create solutions that maximize human prosperity and better meet the needs of our times.

One company answering that call is Próspera, a governance platform that creates new cities via special economic zones. Their flagship location is in Roatan, Honduras. In April they are launching a revolutionary distributed network where “builders” around the world can contribute their efforts towards the development of next-gen cities. Members of the City Builders Network will engage in the conception and development of projects based on their talents or interests, supporting the larger vision of building the type of future they want to live in.

This community of builders can include a diverse range of skill sets and ideas, partly because Próspera plans to have multiple different cities, each with its own unique features and opportunities. There will be cities like their Roatan hub, combining residential living and innovation centers, as well as industrial hubs like the upcoming Port of Satuyé. The coming years will bring more cities with distinct offerings and needs, and this tribe of City Builders can digitally migrate into tasks for the new destination.

Participants can do simpler tasks like voting on new proposals, or they can opt into bounty projects that pay in stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, or in some cases equity from the entity posting the task. These bounty projects could include things like creating a postal code system for the city, developing city shuttle services, new ideas for energy, beach maintenance robotics, crypto mortgages, or hundreds of other ideas. Many ideas will be crowdsourced from the network, including entrepreneurs who want to establish a business within Próspera.

Community members can also use the platform to propose their business concepts for the city, attracting investors and contributors on the merit of their ideas. Likewise, investors can search for projects that meet their criteria. The Próspera ethos is to empower entrepreneurship and drive economic growth. Its audience of builders consists of individuals from around the world who are passionate about building and creating, and who are motivated to achieve success in their chosen fields. This includes key members of teams, founders of startups, and investors who are interested in supporting and funding new ventures. One of the exciting aspects of launching a business within Próspera is the culture of innovation. In a recent survey, the culture of innovation and the pro-business framework were the primary reasons for incorporating within the jurisdiction, with the majority of responses focused on those benefits.

There’s a growing movement for “new cities” and a number of projects with varying philosophies on how to achieve the end goal of cities that better meet the needs of this era. Unlike other new city projects, Próspera has established a picturesque physical location in Roatan with existing infrastructure, such as hotels and villas, office space, hiking trails, pristine beaches, and a championship golf course. The city’s first residential tower, the tallest on Roatan, is set to be completed soon, and two more major developments break ground later this year.

The initial attraction for members of the City Builders Network might be the convenience of earning value for their work on innovative solutions for a city of the future. But as they spend more time engaging with the community, there’s an appreciation for the importance of the mission and the shared values that unite them. The physical city in Roatan, along with its beautiful surroundings and Caribbean vibes, becomes more than just a manifestation of their work and aspirations. It’s a place where this global community is already congregating, launching new businesses, and calling Prospera their home base.

Próspera has also attracted interest from investors, including funding from many notable angel investors. For these investors, Próspera offers a unique opportunity to fund the creation of next-generation cities, and potentially realize exponential gains as that city grows. Próspera’s approach to digital governance for a physical city is a unique value proposition outside of traditional software or real estate investments. Próspera describes governance as an industry and views its services as an innovative option for individuals seeking alternatives. For investors, this paradigm shift presents a huge opportunity – governance services is the largest industry in the world, representing over $30T a year in revenues and it’s ripe for transformation. This is one reason investors are flocking to the city, with Próspera raising over $80 million to support the growth of their mission. In addition to that, the creation of the distributed builders’ network will facilitate a movement where everyone can participate, regardless of their financial background.

CEO Erick Brimen explained, “One of the reasons Próspera is transformative is because it’s a meritocracy with no entrenched interests putting their thumb on the scale. We’re all about finding the best solutions, talent, and entrepreneurs in the world, and giving them a platform that allows them to demonstrate the strength of their talents and ideas. With the launch of our City Builders Network, we are expanding the footprint of this revolutionary movement and giving those members a stake in the future we’re building together.”

The digital age has ushered in a new era of unprecedented connectivity and access to information, enabling individuals from all corners of the world to participate in projects that align with their ambitions and values. With Próspera’s City Builders Network, people no longer need to be confined to their current surroundings and social structures in order to pursue their goals or engage with like-minded individuals. This highlights the emergence of a new type of global citizen, one who is not defined by geographic location or traditional social structures, but rather by their interests, aspirations, and virtues. Through digital collaboration, individuals can contribute to and shape projects that traverse continents and cultures, creating a more interconnected and diverse global community. This democratization of participation is transforming the way we approach problem-solving and innovation, and has the potential to drive meaningful change on a global scale.

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